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If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.

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Portraiture Portfolio

Portrait have always intrigued me;  especially candid ones.  I live for the moments between seconds when my shutter snaps... 

Capturing a little piece of the universe.

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Engagements / Weddings

Your wedding day is a lot more than a one-day celebration of love or an excuse for a party (although that’s pretty cool too!).

You're telling the world "Here We Are!" 

Weddings and Engagements are some of my favorite sessions to shoot.  The entire wedding photography experience is about YOU.  My job as your photographer is to help bring the day you imagined to life.

Take that first step together with a photographer who knows how to treasure your candid memories.

From the first swab of cotton to the exchange of your heartfelt wedding vows I’ll work to capture every precious moment that makes your wedding day special.  

Together, we’ll remove the stress out of your wedding day and replace it with loads of fun...

Just the way it was intended to be.


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Landscape Portfolio





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I have a very familiar origin story.  

Mild mannered man looking for a passion.  I began drawing late in High School.  I always loved art and photography, but never thought there was any way to support myself or a family in that field.  I ended up getting two degrees in Engineering and began working for a large cable service provider right out of school.  

The money was good, but there was still something missing.

I've always yearned to develop my creative eye.  In every engineering class I took I found someone who would push my artistic boundaries.  Even after earning my degrees I practiced drawing and shot photos whenever I could. The problem is... I never took that step into the design field.  It seemed I needed something.  

A push.

That's where Paolo Coelho came in.  My very supportive wife introduced me to his book, The Alchemist.  There I found the inspiration I needed.  The main character, Santiago, overcomes obstacle after obstacle in the search for his passion. His Personal Legend.  

Whether in web design, advertisement or graphic design I strive to understand my craft and push myself toward my own passion.


My own Personal Legend.