Passion, Rediscovered

I have a very familiar origin story.  

Mild mannered man looking for a passion.  I began drawing late in High School.  I always loved art and photography, but never thought there was any way to support myself or a family in that field.  I ended up getting two degrees in Engineering and began working for a large cable service provider right out of school.  

The money was good, but there was still something missing.

I've always yearned to develop my creative eye.  In every engineering class I took I found someone who would push my artistic boundaries.  Even after earning my degrees I practiced drawing and shot photos whenever I could. The problem is... I never took that step into the design field.  It seemed I needed something.  

A push.

That's where Paolo Coelho came in.  My very supportive wife introduced me to his book, The Alchemist.  There I found the inspiration I needed.  The main character, Santiago, overcomes obstacle after obstacle in the search for his passion. His Personal Legend.  

Whether in web design, advertisement or graphic design I strive to understand my craft and push myself toward my own passion.

My own Personal Legend.